Wagtail Raw: Chicken Mince 10kg Breeders Box

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A coarse mince of 100% Chicken – 10kg Breeders Box (10 x 1kg)

Our foods are simple – Completely grain free, with no additives or preservatives…just good quality meat.

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WAGTAIL RAW: Chicken Mince 10kg Breeder Box (10 x 1kg)

Wagtail Raw Chicken Mince 10kg Breeders Box – Perfect if you have many mouths to feed. Frozen & cut into 1kg blocks for easier handling & quicker defrosting.

100% British Chicken Carcass

Moisture 67.5%
Protein 17.9%
Oil & Fat 8.7%
Ash 5.6%
Crude Fibre 0.3%

Up to 15%

Adult Dogs – Feed 2-3% of ideal body weight per day
Puppies – Suitable for puppies
2-4 Months: 8-10% of bodyweight daily (4 meals/day)
4-6 Months: 6-8% of bodyweight daily (3 meals/day)
6-8 Months: 6-4% of bodyweight daily (2 meals/day)
8-12 Months: 3-4% of bodyweight daily (2 meals/day)

Please note this is just a guide, and should be adjusted according to breed, energy levels. Increase if too skinny, decrease if too fat.

Store in a freezer, defrost in a fridge and use within 3 days.
Note: It is safe to defrost, portion & refreeze

We class this food as a complementary:
Whilst this food does contain bone and some offal, and could be fed by itself,  we would recommend either adding a supplement such as Wagtail Raw Salmon Oil or SmartBarf to provide extra nutrients, or balance the raw diet through the week to ensure a correct ratio of meat:bone:offal.
A raw diet should also be varied, so mix it up and feed different meat varieties during the week.

See Packs for Batch Codes & Best Before Dates

Produced for The Wagtail Way by DEFRA Approval No. – 13/265/8006 ABP/PTF

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Weight 10.5 kg

1 review for Wagtail Raw: Chicken Mince 10kg Breeders Box

  1. Dee S (verified owner)

    This is our ‘go to’ staple food for the doggies. They love it. It travels well as we have the food delivered. Laura and David always make sure everything is well packed. And handily, the whole tray fits nicely into the freezer drawer! Really easy to unload.

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