Wagtail Raw: Chicken Complete Mince 10kg Breeders Box


A coarse mince of 100% Chicken, Bone & Offal – 10kg Breeders Box (10 x 1kg)

Our foods are simple – Completely grain free, with no additives or preservatives…just good quality meat.

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WAGTAIL RAW: Chicken Complete Mince 10kg Breeder Box (10 x 1kg)

Wagtail Raw Chicken Complete Mince 10kg Breeders Box – Perfect if you have many mouths to feed. Frozen & cut into 1kg blocks for easier handling & quicker defrosting.

100% British Chicken – Bone – Liver – Other Offal

Moisture 72.0%
Protein 16.1%
Oil & Fat 11.0%
Ash 0.7%
Crude Fibre 0.2%


Adult Dogs – Feed 2-3% of ideal body weight per day
Puppies – Suitable for puppies
2-4 Months: 8-10% of bodyweight daily (4 meals/day)
4-6 Months: 6-8% of bodyweight daily (3 meals/day)
6-8 Months: 6-4% of bodyweight daily (2 meals/day)
8-12 Months: 3-4% of bodyweight daily (2 meals/day)

Please note this is just a guide, and should be adjusted according to breed, energy levels. Increase if too skinny, decrease if too fat.

Store in a freezer, defrost in a fridge and use within 3 days.
Note: It is safe to defrost, portion & refreeze

We class this food as a complete:
Whilst this food is a complete providing a correct balance of meat:bone:offal (80:10:5:5) so is perfect to be fed by itself,  we would recommend (although not necessary) either adding a supplement such as Wagtail Raw Salmon Oil or SmartBarf to provide extra nutrients, or balance the raw diet through the week to ensure a correct ratio of meat:bone:offal.
A raw diet should also be varied, so mix it up and feed different meat varieties during the week.

See Packs for Batch Codes & Best Before Dates

Produced for The Wagtail Way by DEFRA Approval No. – 13/265/8006 ABP/PTF

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