If like us, you love your dog(s); after-all they are part of the family. Then you want for the best for them, so why settle for a poor quality food - packed with cheap fillers, chemicals, additives and grain.

Dogs were born to eat meat, and we firmly believe the best way to care for them is to provide them with as natural diet as possible.

Over the years we have tried every type of food, mainly kibble - some brands you would recognise, others that perhaps you wouldn’t, many expensive.
Like many dog owners, you believe what is written on the back of the pack, swayed by pretty pictures on the front, but it isn’t until you either really study the ingredients your beloved dog is eating or that one trip to the vet makes you realise you need to change their diet, it’s then you start to really consider things. This is exactly what we did, and we learnt (like for ourselves), you are what you eat.

Having a family run butchers business in our family, we decided to try raw feeding, and the results for our dogs were amazing: shinier coats, less smelly, less poo, not as hyper, generally healthier all round…..and not as expensive as we thought.

So we developed Wagtail RAW, and we are so proud in creating a raw dog food of the highest quality, sourced from British farms & quality suppliers.

A range of minces, chunks and treats that we can offer to other dog owners.

Wagtail Raw - Raw Food for Dogs


salmon oil supplement for dogs


Scottish Salmon Oil - 250ml
For Healthy Skin & Coat, Heart Health,
Joint Strength, Cognitive Function,
Omega 3 & 6, Immune System Defence.


chicken mince for dogs - 10kg Breeders Box


Chicken Mince - 10kg
With many mouths to feed this pack is perfect.
Split into 10 x 1kg blocks for easier
handling & quicker defrosting.


rabbit mince for dogs


Rabbit Mince - 454g
100% wild caught rabbit.
(Note: May contain shot)
Coarse mince of meat, bones & offal.


We are proud stockists of SmartBarf™- 100% Natural Goodness

SmartBarf™ is an expertly crafted mixture of vegetables, herbs, fruits, seeds and more, which you can add to raw food, to give your dogs a wide range of beneficial vitamins and minerals.y.

SmartBarf™ is a 100% natural source of minerals, vitamins and nutrients from over 50 different seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, vegetables, pulses and herbs. All the ingredients are carefully selected for maximum nutritional benefit, to create a healthy balanced diet for your dog. It is already mixed and packaged, and has a long shelf life, all for your convenience and to save you time and money. Just add water and serve with meat.

SmartBarf™ – just add meat, and the meal is complete!

Minced rabbit for the fur babies this morning, with a sprinkling of smart barf and an egg. #thewagtailway #rabbit #game #seasonal #onlythebestformyfurbabies #rawfed #sogoodforthem #familybusiness #norfolk #labradors #borderterrier #smartbarf #getintouch #spoilthedoggies #leanandfit #healthy dogs #checkoutourwebsite #wagtailraw ...

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